Death and Mourning

Hebrew text in the center and upper right block.  Two candles surround it.  These signify the Mourner's Kaddish and yahrzeit candles.

Judaism responds to loss as it does to the other passages of times in a person’s life—with rituals and customs which provide love and support to the mourners at a time of deep need. Should you experience a loss, please call the synagogue at (360) 627-8474. As a sacred community, the Beth Hatikvah community takes pride on being there for each member in difficult times just as we are in joyous times.

If you are from out of town and are facing the loss of a loved one, whether you need the use of our building, the rabbi to lead a service, our congregation to provide comfort and a minyan, or a combination of these or other things, please call us and we would be honored to accommodate your needs.

May you find blessings in the memories of your loved one.

If you have experienced a loss, please email or call (360) 627-8474.