Brit Milah

Two adult hands circle around a pair of tiny baby feet so that they form a heart.

Traditionally, Baby boys are welcomed into the Jewish community through the covenant of circumcision (brit milah), which takes place on the 8th day of the baby’s life. If you are expecting a baby boy, please email or call (360) 627-8474 to discuss your plans well in advance of his arrival. Baby girls are welcomed into the covenant with a naming ceremony. In the spirit of egalitarianism, some parents choose the 8th day of life for the naming ceremony for their daughters, while others name their baby girls in the first few weeks or months of life.

Some parents decide not to announce the Hebrew name of their baby boy or girl until the 8th day after birth, a custom once based on superstition but now followed for a more spiritual reason. Though uncommon, some parents choose to delay the announcement of the baby’s English name as well, adding an extra bit of excitement for those attending the welcoming ceremony!

At Congregation Beth Hatikvah, we have held naming ceremonies for newborn babies and toddlers, as well as for teens and adults who either have never had a Hebrew name or have decided to choose or add one that has more meaning.