Choosing Judaism

Very green trees circle a natural body of water, signifying a natural mikvah for conversion purposes.

People convert to Judaism for many reasons. Some are seeking religious meaning in their lives – with or without any connection to a Jewish partner – and simply find that Judaism offers a spiritual and religious place in which they are comfortable. For others, a relationship or marriage with a Jewish person offers them a first chance to explore Judaism. Increasingly in this age of DNA testing, people are learning that they have Jewish ancestry, sometimes in recent generations, and this sends them on a quest of rediscovery—and often reclaiming—of their Jewish roots. Others who are on a spiritual journey find that Judaism is the spiritual home they have long been seeking.

Whatever the reason, Congregation Beth Hatikvah’s doors are open to all who are want to learn about becoming Jewish. Those who know they wish to become Jewish will be required to take an Introduction to Judaism class, a Hebrew class, to attend Shabbat services regularly, to observe the Jewish holidays with our community, and to undertake a personal course of study to prepare for conversion. We encourage those on the conversion path to feel part of our community. Our congregants will serve as Jewish mentors and friends, and will rejoice with you as you join the Jewish people, while our Rabbi will guide you along your path to Judaism.

We hope you will embrace Congregation Beth Hatikvah as your spiritual home. If you’re interested in conversion, please email our Spiritual Leader, Emily Katcher at or call (360) 627-8474.