Our Values

Watercolor painting of mountains with the text "Our Values" in the center.

Welcome to Beth Hatikvah.

Beth Hatikvah means House of Hope.

We are an Egalitarian Jewish house of prayer, with participatory, engaging services for Shabbat and holidays.

We are a house for all kinds of Jews.

For Jews by Choice and Jews by Birth.

For LGBTQIA Jews. For Jews of Color.

For all kinds of Jewish families and for individuals. For Jews who are searching for deep engagement and for Jews who have been away for awhile.

We are a house of study, of seeking and questioning at all ages and stages.

We learn from each other and honor all our voices. Our children learn here in our house and in the wider world.

Adults do too. We are never finished learning.

We are a house of justice, meeting Jews of all abilities where they are at.

We prioritize access to Judaism for all. We strive to make the world a better place.

We are a house of wholeness and we value people over money.

Members who are able to do so contribute more, so that we never turn away a Jew who cannot afford membership.

Members who donate time are of equal importance to our community.

We are a house of rejoicing, celebrating Shabbat, holidays and lifecycle events with our entire community.

We are a house of compassion, making sure that all our members are supported and connected with resources through the challenges and sorrows of life.

More than anything, we are a house of hope.

We are here to elevate the souls of our community, to connect to the rhythms of Jewish time, and to delight in the presence of the Divine.

Welcome to Beth Hatikvah, our house of hope. We invite you to make it your house, too.