Community Resources

Group of paper hands cut out and reaching out towards each other.  All are different bright colors.  The text reads Community Resources.

Need a helping hand? We’ve compiled a list of local resources and agencies that may be able to help.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of any additional assistance. Email us at or call us at 360-627-8474.

Washington 2-1-1 is also an all-in-one resource that may be able to help. Check out their website here. You can also connect to them by dialing 2-1-1 on your phone.

Background is a keyboard and a stethoscope.  Text reads Physical Healthcare.
Group of people in a circle holding hands.  Two people are smiling. Text reads Mental Healthcare.
Burgundy textured background that looks like wood paneling.  There's a graphic of three hearts strung together in the left corner and a branch with leaves on the right hand side.  The text reads Sobriety Support.
Wood paneling with a pair of white cupped hands holding a wooden cutout of a house.  The text reads Housing.
Cardboard boxes filled with various food staples, like flour, rice, and shelf-stable milk. Blue box in the center with white writing says food.
Woven fabric with white shape with a puzzle piece off to the side.  Text reads Domestic Violence
Two people holding hands.  One is older and has wrinkles, and the other looks like a young person's hand.  The text reads Senior & Disability Support.
Two hands holding.  Both are painted in the colors of the rainbow pride flag.  The text reads LGBTQIA+ Support
A group of people in shadow walking.  Text reads Refugee Support
A black and white hand shake hands.  To the side is a banner that has various Jewish symbols on it.  Text reads Jews of Color Support.
Man in a dress shirt stacks a red block that reads governance on a stack of board, management, mission and policies blocks.  The text reads Government Offices.
Stack of books with one book with open pages.  Text reads Education.
Wooden table with multicolored magnet letters to each side. In the center, the letters have been used to spell out the word childcare.
Three people sitting at a table, one with a computer in front of them.  The woman across from the man looks distressed and the man at the computer is holding a sheet of paper.  The text reads Tenants' Rights.