A charcuterie board of various cheese, a poppyseed covered challah, an apple and grapes.

Judaism has a rich menu of holidays throughout the year. In fact, only one month has no Jewish holiday associated with it, the Jewish month of Cheshvan (roughly the month of November). Because of this, Cheshvan is known as “Mar Cheshvan,” or “bitter Cheshvan.”

The Jewish cycle of holidays is filled with joyous celebrations, some well-known and other less so. Our congregation celebrates the year cycle of holidays together with gusto–please join us as we navigate the Jewish holiday cycle!

A group of apples, pomegranates and honey.  Text reads Rosh Hashanah
A Torah scroll, tallit and a shofar.  Text reads Yom Kippur.
A person holds a lulav and an etrog inside of a sukkah.  Text reads sukkot.
Ornately decorated Toarh scrolls. The Torah is open.  Text reads Simchat Torah.
Hanukkiah sits on a table with all 8 candles lit.  There's gelt and a dreidel, and a sufganiyot sits on a plate.  Text reads Hanukkah.
A charcuterie board with various grains and fruits sits in the middle of a table.  The text reads Tu Bishvat.
12 hamataschen are arranged to form a Magen David.  The text reads Purim.
A cup of wine sits next to a stack of matzah, on which is stacked an egg, a large piece of Romaine lettuce and charoset.  The text reads Passover.
Various dairy and grain items sit atop a charcuterie board.  Text reads Shavuot.
A bonfire on a beach.   Text reads Lag B'Omer.